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Advanced Facebook Tips for Increasing Enrollment at Your School

If you are updating your News Feed, sharing all the fun stories and little happenings at your school, and listening as much as you talk, your reach and number of likes will most certainly grow. The best part about this growth is that those new Likes are more valuable to you because they are already connected to you. Don’t be… Read more →


3 Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Enrollment Through Social Media

Let’s face it. Enrollment directly impacts your school’s budget. And, meeting your enrollment goals is a critical component to the success of your program. So how can you use social media to increase engagement with current students and parents, and attract new students? Here’s how: Have consistently updated social media accounts. Share all the incredible (and not so incredible) stories… Read more →

Where is Arkansas in all this school choice stuff?

In my final blog post for National School Choice week, I’d like to give you all a current snapshot of school choice in Arkansas. School choice ultimately comes down to ‘parent power.’ The Center for Education Reform (CER) continuously monitors the status of educational choice across all 50 states via their “Parent Power Index.” The Parent Power Index is an… Read more →

What Does America Think Of School Choice?

This is the second of three guest posts for The Arkansas Project blog. For my second education reform article, as part of National School Choice Week, I want to address national trends. What is happening in school choice across the country today? The Center for Education Reform, a leading advocate for choice programs, recently released their latest survey: America’s Attitudes… Read more →