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3 Simple Things You Can Do To Improve Enrollment Through Social Media

Let’s face it. Enrollment directly impacts your school’s budget. And, meeting your enrollment goals is a critical component to the success of your program. So how can you use social media to increase engagement with current students and parents, and attract new students? Here’s how: Have consistently updated social media accounts. Share all the incredible (and not so incredible) stories… Read more →

What Does America Think Of School Choice?

This is the second of three guest posts for The Arkansas Project blog. For my second education reform article, as part of National School Choice Week, I want to address national trends. What is happening in school choice across the country today? The Center for Education Reform, a leading advocate for choice programs, recently released their latest survey: America’s Attitudes… Read more →

Why Is School Choice Important?

The following is the first in a series of three guest posts on The Arkansas Project blog. This week marks the celebration of National School Choice Week, which provides an opportunity toshowcase how empowering parents through more choices improves education. Participants in National School Choice Week support a variety of school choice options — from traditional public schools to public… Read more →

Friday Freakout: Do It to Your Own Children, Not Other People’s

The following was a blog post created by the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice based on my digital word exchange with Diane Ravitch, an opponent of school choice. Today’s Friday Freakout comes from the heated comments section of Diane Ravitch’s blog titled, “How Embarrassing for the Friedman Foundation.” We responded to her blog post here, but something very interesting happened… Read more →

No “Amazon” Internet Tax

In an attempt to acquire more money from consumers and businesses, state lawmakers are proposing legislation that would force Internet retailers to collect Michigan’s six percent sales tax if the seller has an “affiliate” located in Michigan. On Wednesday at 9:00 AM, the House Tax Policy Committee heard testimony on House Bills 4202 and 4203, commonly referred to as “Amazon” Tax Laws. MLive reports that: The House… Read more →

Sluggish Economy? Blame Government-Induced Uncertainty

The Romeo Area Tea Party recently hosted Hillsdale College Economics Professor Dr. Gary Wolfram at the Palazzo Grande in Shelby Township. The topic of conversation was how government was creating uncertainty and slowing the economic recovery from the 2008 recession. “If I were to tell you that the recession ended in June 2009,” he opened, “you’d be surprised.” He’s right.… Read more →

Medicaid Expansion is Inhumane, Our Most Vulnerable Deserve Better

Patient-centered care vs. government-controlled care Last week, the Michigan House of Representatives voted 76-31 in favor of Medicaid expansion. Twenty-eight Republicans joined all but one Democrat in the vote for passage of HB 4714. The charge was lead by Rep. Mike Shirkey (R-Clarkston), who thus justified his vote: “There are perfectly good legitimate reasons to oppose” but “sound, reasonable reasons to support” Medicaid… Read more →