Economic Freedom

Sluggish Economy? Blame Government-Induced Uncertainty

The Romeo Area Tea Party recently hosted Hillsdale College Economics Professor Dr. Gary Wolfram at the Palazzo Grande in Shelby Township. The topic of conversation was how government was creating uncertainty and slowing the economic recovery from the 2008 recession. “If I were to tell you that the recession ended in June 2009,” he opened, “you’d be surprised.” He’s right.… Read more →

Snyder to Nationalize Railroad Lines for Another Pet Project

By Greg George As our nation nears $16 trillion in debt, Governor Snyder is using $140 million of taxpayer money that was sent back by Florida’s Republican Governor to nationalize railroad tracks for a high-speed rail project between Chicago and Detroit. Governor Snyder, Obama Administration’s Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood, Congressmen Hansen Clarke and John Dingell, Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano… Read more →

What is ‘Economic Freedom’; why is it important? Here’s the skinny.

Economic freedom is… less poverty, higher literacy, lower infant mortality, longer life expectancy, better protected property rights, higher incomes, less corruption, and cleaner environments. It is… movie theaters, texting, electricity, eBay, my dinner cooking in the microwave, electric razors, washing machines, air conditioning, airplanes, and dishwashers (something my current apartment is lacking and very much wish I had). … all of… Read more →