The following is the first in a series of three guest posts on The Arkansas Project blog. This week marks the celebration of National School Choice Week, which provides an opportunity toshowcase how empowering parents through more choices improves education. Participants in National School Choice Week support a variety of school choice options — from […]

The following was a blog post created by the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice based on my digital word exchange with Diane Ravitch, an opponent of school choice. Today’s Friday Freakout comes from the heated comments section of Diane Ravitch’s blog titled, “How Embarrassing for the Friedman Foundation.” We responded to her blog post here, […]

Michigan lawmakers this week stood up for state sovereignty regarding education policy and passed budgets that prohibit any funding for the controversial Common Core system. As the Washington Times reports, “The Michigan measure is the latest blow to the system, now under fire from Republicans across the nation and others who fear it represents the surrender […]

This week starts the Third Annual National School Choice Week with more than 3,600 events taking place across the country. Parents, teachers, schoolchildren and administrators, and many others will come together to promote educational choice. Here in Michigan over 50 events will be hosted from across the state. Students still emerge from high school ready neither for college nor […]

James Carville, campaign strategist for Bill Clinton, once hung a reminder in the office for those working on the 1992 Clinton campaign with three points: Change vs. more of the same. The economy, stupid. Don’t forget health care. Ironically, state lawmakers in Michigan will be heading back to Lansing on Wednesday, August 15th with a […]